DNFC TAG Yellow RF430CL330H

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DNFC Tag - umożliwia komunikacje telefonu z mikrokontrolerem wykorzystując NFC. Dostępne są przykłady obsługi dla: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32.

Przezentacja video: http://youtu.be/2PTQHScLNZI

DNFC Tag communicates with MCU via I2C interface to support ISO14443B and up to 848kbps data rate, and is compatible with 13.65MHZ radio frequency (RF). With up to 3kb SRAM memory of NDEF message, DNFC Tag works with MCU to complete message reading and writing via I2C interface, distance up to 30mm. 

DNFC Tag can easily exchange data with NFC mobile phones. Compared with traditional read-only e-tags, its greatest advantage lies in the real-time communication with I2C and MCU which can realize bridge connection between NFC and physical devices. With it, users can realize a variety of applications such as intelligent watering system, wifi/Bluetooth password sharing, ID recognition, information exchange and other application scenarios. 

First of all, its a tag, which is to say, it possesses all functions of ordinary tags. But the biggest difference for this tag which makes it standout among loads of tags, namely the pitch feature is, it gets connected directly to Micro Control Unit(MCU) to read and write(rewrite) data. We open source all the information for the needs of further development, including Arduino sample code, Raspberry Pi sample code, Leaf Maple sample code, DNFC tag schematics and Android sample APP source code. 



  • Power supply 3.3V
  • NFC Type-4 tag
  • Support ISO14443B
  • I2C Interface
  • Support NDEF message read and write
  • Working temperature -40℃ - 85℃
  • Working current 250uA
  • Maximum sensing distance 3.5CM
  • Size diameter 53mm


  • 1 x DNFC TAG Board
  • 2 x Acrylic
  • 4 x Nylon column and nuts


  • Datasheet
  • Schematic
  • Arduino/Raspberry/STM32 Demo Code

Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. 

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