Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

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Wyświetlacz LCD 16*2 z podświetlaniem RGB, sterowany za pomocą magistrali I2C, dodatkowo za pomocą magistrali I2C możemy sterować kolorem podświetlania.

Dodatkowe informację oraz opis wyświetlacza dostępny jest na stronie: wiki 

Done with tedious mono color backlight? This Grove enables you to set the color to whatever you like via the simple and concise Grove interface. It takes I2C as communication method with your microcontroller. So number of pins required for data exchange and backlight control shrinks from ~10 to 2, relieving IOs for other challenging tasks. Besides, Grove - LCD RGB Backlight supports user-defined characters. Want to get a love heart or some other foreign characters? Just take advantage of this feature and design it!

  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Operating Current:
  • CGROM: 10880 bit
  • CGRAM: 64*8 bit
  • Colorful RGB Backlight
  • Built-in English and Japanese fonts
  • I2C communication, uses only two IOs
  • Automatic power-on reset


Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. 

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