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CNC 6 Axis Breakout Board Interface Adapter For PC Stepper Motor Driver Mach3

- CNC interface board, you can make your computer into a powerful CNC controller!
- Full support for MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2 and other support for PC parallel port control software.
- Open all of the 17 parallel data pins. Can control up to six-axis drive.
- Output a signal with three-state bus transceiver chip shaping function (74HC244), with load capacity of ± 25mA. Data transfer speeds of up to 10MBit / S.
- Manual output interface, the board has integrated pulse generator, a mechanical switch can be achieved as long as the connection manual.
- Limit switch connected directly with the logic circuit, logic circuit in the extreme position, forced off to the extreme position of movement of the step pulse, only the direction of the movement away from the limit switch. Parallel to save valuable resources.
- Can be used with the the optical isolated stepper motor whose wiring is standard common anode or common cathode
- 3-wire mechanical limit signal can connect directly to the logic wire, the logic wire will generate an EN control signal at the limit position to control the driver , and it just enable the movement which is far from the limit switch direction when it reaches to the limit position. It can connect the external tool and realize the 3 axis tooling setting operation by the EN control port
- The PCB board adopts double-side wiring, the grounding copper wire is covered in large area of the board, which keeps the intergrity of all the signals
- Can be isolated from the PC parallel port and realize the manual control of the stepper motor( the manual control board should be bought seperately
- The internal wire is very stable, flexible options of the power supply

Package including:
- 1 x 6 Axis Interface Board 

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