Open32F0-D Standard płyta dla STM32F0DISCOVERY

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Kod produktu: Open32F0-D Standard


Open32F0-D is an STM32 development board designed for the ST official tool STM32F0DISCOVERY, which features the STM32F051R8T6 microcontroller onboard.

The Open32F0-D supports further expansion with various optional accessory boards for specific application. The modular and open design makes it the ideal for starting application development with STM32F0 series microcontrollers.

What's on the mother board


  1. STM32F0DISCOVERY socket: for easily connecting the STM32F0DISCOVERY
  2. 8I/Os + DAC + ADC interface: for connecting accessory boards such buttons, motors, AD/DA module etc.
  3. USART2 interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232, etc.
  4. SPI1 / SPI2 interface:easily connects to SPI peripherals such as DataFlash (AT45DBxx), SD card, MP3 module, etc.
  5. LCD connector: for connecting touch screen LCD
  6. USART1 interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232, etc.
  7. I2C1 / I2C2 interface: easily connects to I2C peripherals such as I/O expander (PCF8574), FRAM (FM24CLxx), etc.
  8. I2S / I2C1 interface: easily connects to I2S peripherals such as audio module, etc.
  9. ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc.
  10. 5V/3.3V power input/output: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
  11. 5V DC jack
  12. MCU pins connector: all the MCU I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
  13. SWD interface: for debugging/programming
  14. Joystick jumper
    • short the jumper to connect the joystick to default I/Os used in example code
    • open the jumper to connect the joystick to custom I/Os via jumper wires
  15. Boot mode switch: for configuring BOOT0 pin
  16. Power switch
  17. Power indicator
  18. Joystick: five positions

The Open32F0-D Standard does not include STM32F0DISCOVERY, nor any other accessory board.



Development Resources


  • Related software (KEIL etc.)
  • Demo code (examples in C, μC/OS-II)
  • Schematic (PDF)
  • STM32 development documentations (Datasheet etc.)




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